Just for now...

A statement from us.

          It is with great sadness and frustration, but also with love and relief that we have decided to postpone our production of HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH until next year.

          The mission of Next Step Theatre will always be to create a safe space for our artists and audiences. Due to Utah and our entire country’s response to COVID-19, that safe space is something we are, unfortunately, not able to provide right now. On a personal note, the need for this decision triggers a conflicting response for us.

          The people, as well as our leadership (on a local and national level), continue to selfishly treat this pandemic as if it were some sort of hoax.. Meanwhile, the virus continues to ravage our disabled community, our elderly community, our immunocompromised, and our communities of color at an increasingly alarming rate. This brings us an immense frustration and sadness, not only for our new, little theatre, but for our country and its people.

          On the other hand, we are relieved. By beginning this journey as a theatre company, we have created a new voice for ourselves – a unique position to make a difference. We refuse to carry on as if nothing is happening, which we do with the utmost love and respect.

          Make no mistake – theatre, and art in general, is so very important. We all miss it. But that longing for performance, be you on-stage, backstage, or in the audience, is not more important than the health and safety of any living being.

We hope to have new dates close to/after the New Year.

In the meantime, wear a mask. Please.

Keep your distance.

Check your voter registration.

Oh, and yes, Black Lives do still Matter.

With all our love,         

Kenneth & Devin

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